Benefits Of Membership


Please view the 'Membership Application' Page To Apply for Membership:  Full/Associate/Junior


All Full Members (Full Members are: Professional, Semi-Professional and Amateur (performing) Ventriloquists) and Associate Members (Associate Members are:  Ventriloquist Dummy-Makers/Refurbishers, Ventriloquist Scriptwriters, Ventriloquist Memorabilia Collectors and Suppliers of Materials relevant to Ventriloquists) are entitled to a Special Listing Web-Page on The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain Website which includes their Publicity Photographs, Ventriloquist Biography Details, Contact Details and Website Address – should they wish.

Junior Members are entitled to the above but only with the written and signed consent of a responsible Adult.

All Full Members and Associate Members and Junior Members may enter their original Ventriloquist Duologues/Ventriloquist Scripts into The Annual Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain Ventriloquist Duologue/Scriptwriting Competition at a reduced entry cost.  The Prize-Winning Duologue/Script Entries are displayed on the Competition Web-Page of The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain Website 

All Members Publicity Materials, Playbills and Photographs may be included in the Display in future Club Exhibitions/Displays.  In due course, it is hoped that the Club will have enough interesting Ventriloquist Photographs and Exhibits to ‘tour’ venues such as Libraries and Museums to spread the word about Ventriloquism and Ventriloquists in Great Britain - and within the UK - past and present. 

All Full Members and Junior Members are asked to supply a short ‘Article’ – regarding what made you become a Ventriloquist – who your influences were/are – what you would like to achieve and have already achieved through Ventriloquism – and what a typical day is like when you have a Ventriloquism Booking as part of that day  – perhaps in the Diary-style: ‘A Day In The Life of....-Ventriloquist’ – for The VC of GB Annual Newsletter – which we hope will have enough contributions from Members to publish. 

All Members Receive a The VC of GB Membership Button Badge and The VC of GB Membership Card displaying their current Membership Status - Full Member, Associate Member or Junior Member.  

In Addition:  We hope to be able to include a The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain Members & Dummies Dinner - and/or - The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain Members & Dummies (plus Family and Friends) Picnic

All Members and Honorary Members will be invited to participate.

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