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'Merlynda Jelly-Jaws'

Invites You To Her Live Romantic & Funny Poetry Readings Of

Her Award-Winning - Much-Published - Radio-Broadcast

- Sweetly Romantic Love Poems -

- Funny Poems - 

- Sentimental & Adventurous Fairy-Tales-In-Verse -

with a little Live Cartooning - Puppetry - Ventriloquism -

- and Songs - 

- Every Friday Morning Live! -

in the charming little garden of

'The Poetry Box Studio & Garden'

on the West Sussex/Hampshire border

When:  Every Friday 11.00am to 12.30pm (Seats Must Be Booked In Advance.)

What:   Merlynda Jelly-Jaws - Award-Winning Poet, Award-Winning Author and Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter! - Award-Winning Book-Jacket Illustrator - Cartoonist - Ventriloquist-Puppeteer - and former Punch & Judy Professor and Newspaper Columnist -  Invites You To Live Readings of her Award-Winning and Much-Published Sweetly Romantic Love Poems, Funny Fairytale Poems, Stories in Verse and Songs - with a little Live Cartooning, Puppetry and Ventriloquism.

Merlynda is an Award-Winning Verse-Fabulist and Poet, Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter and Comedy Author and Newspaper Columnist - a Puppeteer-Ventriloquist - and - Winner: The GG Poetry Award, 2nd Prize Winner: The PIM Poetry Award, Highly-Commended: The Portico Poetry Prize, Highly-Commended: The Serendipity Poetry Award, and Finalist in The National Poetry Slam - among many others. 

Merlynda is also popular Comedy Speech and Monologue writer - and is the Author of 'ACT! Alone - Scene-Stealing Comedy Monologues For Performers & Speakers' (available via Amazon and all good bookshops) - and has 2 Poetry Audio Books Published (one including Ventriloquism with her lovable character 'Duncan L Doolittle - available via Amazon and all good bookshops.)

Her witty and entertaining poems are published in over 40 Poetry Anthologies to date and she is The Poetry Box Magazine's Editor - a Poetry Book Reviewer - and - a Poetry Judge. 

Merlynda is also the author of  a 'Tips and Hints' Pamphlet For Beginners on Learning Ventriloquism - and - a Ventriloquism, Speech and Singing Workshop Leader and private one-to-one coach.

Merlynda runs a successful monthly OPEN MIC NIGHT for Poets and Spoken Word Artists.

She is also a former Magazine Columnist with The Observer Series of Newspapers - and a LLAM of LAMDA with Four Honours Medals in Speech.  Merlynda is also an award-winning Children's Comedy Singer-Songwriter - 4 times Semi-Finalist of The UKSC - and Highly-Commended Songwriter (The WM Composers Award for Song) - and - a Ballet/Dance music composer.

Where:  In the charming little garden of The Poetry Box Studio & Garden, 'Ramshackles', Nyewood (near Rogate and South Harting), Petersfield, GU31 5JA on the West Sussex/Hampshire border - Call or Email for Directions.

Bookings:  All Seats Must Be Booked In Advance - No Seats Available On The Door

Admission: Adults: £5.50, Concs/Seniors: £4.00.  Refreshments Are Included.

For Further Details and All Enquiries Please Visit:



Roger Robinson - 'A Spot of Trouble In Southend'

To commemorate the 60th Anniversary since Laurel and Hardy appeared in Southend, life-long fan, Roger Robinson, has published ‘A Spot of Trouble in Southend’. The A4 size book has 130 pages and as well as briefly telling the story of their roots and film careers, the book is essentially focussed on that week in August 1952 when Laurel and Hardy visited, stayed and performed in Southend. Roger has met and interviewed many people connected to their visit and relates their anecdotes and fascinating memories. There is new and extensive information about the supporting acts that not only toured with Laurel and Hardy but became lifelong friends with the comedy duo. The book is richly illustrated with over 200 photographs, many of which are rare and unpublished, and 50 reproductions of letters, adverts and documents about the visit.  The Foreword is by Jeffrey Holland, popular star of stage, radio and many famous TV series including Hi-de-Hi, You Rang,M’Lord and Oh, Doctor Beeching! The Lastword is by Glenn Mitchell, a comedy aficionado, broadcaster and writer including encyclopaedias on Laurel and Hardy, the Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin and Silent Comedy.

£10 signed by author - Postage and Packaging £3 to UK, £5 to Europe, £10 to USA

Copies in UK can be purchased by cheque or Paypal  - Copies for Europe or USA can be purchased by cash or Paypal – please do not pay by non UK cheques as the transaction charges are too costly - Cheques payable to Roger Robinson, 115 Neil Armstrong Way, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS95UE

For Paypal details or further information contact    Tel: 01702 526187

An Extract From Roger Robinson's Book Regarding The Ventriloquists Working With Laurel & Hardy Follows Below:

Photograph - Roger Robinson: Archie Elray, Dorothy and Dummies

ARCHIE ELRAY and Company in Ventriloquial Scena

"As mentioned in an earlier chapter Laurel and Hardy performed with some of the country’s leading ventriloquists during their tours of the UK. Their names are fondly remembered, Albert Saveen and Daisy May, Arthur Prince and Sailor Jim, Ray Alan and Lord Charles  and, perhaps the best ever vent, Arthur Worsley and Johnny Green. But who remembers Archie Elray and Company? Not many people I am afraid. Information about this little remembered Ventriloquist has been hard to obtain, but I have made some discoveries including this rare photograph which show Archie, his wife Dorothy and his 3 dummies.

Archie Elray first appeared at the Empress, Brixton in 1919. He had a long career working his team of dolls which seemed to consist of an elderly man, a well dressed younger man and a scruffier youth of indeterminate gender. In the photo it looks like a girl but in a painting below more like a boy. I have read that he controlled all the vents with some sort of central box, so I imagine that he could create an image of cross-talking between the dolls. This appears to be both clever and complicated.

His billing matter at Southend was the rather heavy-handed ‘Ventriloquial Scena’ but he was also known as ‘The Cricketing Ventriloquist’. I can only guess that he set the scene at a cricket match. Certainly the doll in the blazer would be appropriately dressed to tie-in with that theme. A later poster from Palace Theatre, Plymouth, probably very early 1960’s, in which Archie Elray was supporting Benny Hill, advertises him as ‘Vitamin Ventriloquism’.

However obscure Archie Elary may be today, it seems that he was popular enough in his career to warrant a rather unusual occurrence. Archie, Dorothy and the Company had a poster designed and painted by Robert Kemp. In cricket terms ‘How’s that!"                - Roger Robinson



A Complete Guide to Ventriloquism – Principles, Practice, and Performance:

By the veteran ventriloquist and magician Naveen Sridhar (Yaksha)


"A Complete Guide to Ventriloquism: Principles, Practice and Performance” contains all that readers need to know to begin practicing today !


Preface by Siegfried and Roy:

 “a very helpful and valuable guide for every ambitious and eager student of ventriloquism on his way to become a skilled, enchanting and responsible entertainer."

VENTRILOQUISM: Learn the basics, from breathing technique all the way to creating an original act. It is plain fun with plenty of exercises and step-by-step learning.

GUIDE TO VENTRILOQUISM and even beyond: Learn how to attend to all stage aspects like stage conditions, stage presence and stagecraft, for this book is:

A COMPLETE GUIDE TO VENTRILOQUISM. It encompasses all aspects of entertainment by ventriloquism. Besides technical mastery, learn how to attend to the human element needed for successful entertainment. What other ventriloquists are saying:                      



“You may never find a more complete and thorough work on the art…this one has it all; anything you could possibly ask about ventriloquism is covered” - Dan Willinger, Ventriloquist Central,

"It covers many things that most books on vent do not cover at all….showmanship, stage presence…and much more”Mark Wade, 'America’s foremost Children’s Ventriloquist' and Executive Director of the Vent Haven International Ventriloquists’ Convention.

“Even after 50+ year career in ventriloquism I still found The Complete Guide…captivating and informative. A fresh, comprehensive and insightful explanation of this ancient art” – Clinton Detweiler, President of North American Association of Ventriloquists.

“I am frequently approached by novices and intermediate-level Ventriloquists requesting advice on which 'Handbook' or 'Manual' on Ventriloquism to read. … I will heartily recommend this book. I am impressed by the thorough written descriptions, by the illustrated examples of the successful performance of Ventriloquism … of approaching and preparing performances for a variety of audiences, including a selection of difficult and challenging circumstances - and equally - by the candid and personal anecdotes ….regarding the author's own experiences as a highly successful, professional…. Ventriloquist…”

- Merlynda 'Barley' Robinson (LLAM of LAMDA) Founder - The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain,









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