The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain First Annual Ventriloquist

Duologue/Scriptwriting Competition 2011






Judge Steve Hewlett  wrote: 

"It was fun reading through the scripts.  I judged them looking at Comedy Content, Timing, Originality and Subject Matter."


"I noticed one was very dark and was more suited to a play. One was filled with typical 'Vent Gags' but was entertaining throughout and had a good ending too."

 "Another didn't seem to have an ending."

"All in all I really loved reading them."



Judge Chris Bylett wrote:


"Have now read through all the scripts a few times each and come to my conclusions.  Firstly I must say that it is good that some folk are still trying to write new scripts for Vents."


"Most, if not all, Vent routines should be funny (unless you are involved in promoting a serious 'campaign' or some sort)."




"Percy Script: a good use of the character with visual as well as verbal comedy.  The premise of the doll not being able to talk/work without his/her 'handler' is by no means new/original but I found this an amusing variation on the 'theme'.  I also like the idea of 'using' the box from whence the character comes/goes, although I am somewhat biased on that as it's what I do quite a lot!!"



"The wording is reasonably 'practical' and should be readily-understood by the audience, who would be 'drawn-in' to the scenario. 

The points are worthily earned!!"



Judge Jimmy Tamley wrote:



"I didn't put comments just scores out of 10 but the 'Penguin' was the most humorous one.  Enjoyed it."



Judge LK Barley Robinson wrote:


"It was a great pleasure to read all the Scripts written and entered into this unique First Annual Ventriloquist Duologue/Scriptwriting Competition."


"Firstly, may I say, what an encouraging number of exciting, original, humorous and engaging Ventriloquist Duologue and Script Entries were received for this First Annual Competition and I do hope that this important Competition will continue to blossom and flourish in 2012, and beyond, and will create and set a benchmark standard for professional writers of Ventriloquist Duologues and Scripts nationally and internationally."



"I judged the Entries based on their Humorous Suitability and Appeal to Family Audiences, Technical, Physical and Verbal Practicality, Verbal Humour, Visual Humour, Subject-Matter and Originality."


"I thoroughly enjoyed reading the 'Percy The Belligerent Penguin' Ventriloquist Duologue and hope that the well-deserved First Prize-Winning writer, Terry Adlam, will continue to create Ventriloquist Duologues of this calibre for many, many years to come - He is undoubtedly a hugely talented Duologuist and Ventriloquist Scriptwriter - and indeed a very important one."



"I would like to pass on my Congratulations to ALL the Entrants and particularly to the Finalists and Runners-Up.  Do not underestimate just how difficult creating a successful, entertaining and original Ventriloquist Duologue - with broad family appeal - can be."




"In being able to create and write an entertaining Duologue - which is performed by just one human being - is an extraordinary achievement."


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