Professional Ventriloquist Training Sessions
with LK 'Barley' Robinson (LLAM)
One-To-One Sessions with 'Barley The Ventriloquist'
aka:  'Merlynda Jelly-Jaws Robinson'
 - Founder of The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain
LK 'Barley' Robinson (LLAM) is a professional Ventriloquist, a freelance Ventriloquism, Speech and Singing Teacher - and - she is also known as 'MERLYNDA JELLY-JAWS!' - (please visit: - and - - an Award-Winning Children's Poet - an Award-Winning Children's Author - an Award-Winning Children's Songwriter - and - an Award-Winning Illustrator - plus - a much-performed Comedy Monologue Writer, Comedy Speechwriter - and Comedy Songwriter.

She  is the Winner of The Golden Grove Poetry Award and 2nd Winner of The PIM Poetry Award and the Founder and former Editor of 'The Poetry Box Poetry Magazine'. 
She is a much-published and radio-broadcast Children's Poet and Verse-Fabulist - publications to date include:  44 Poetry Anthologies, 3 Solo Poetry collections, 2 Comedy Poetry and Ventriloquism Audio Books, and a Collection of Comedy Monologues, Speeches and Verse for professional Performers and Speakers - This Collection is available through all good bookshops including The Samuel French Theatre Bookshop, London (Pbld. 2001: GAPP) - and on Amazon - Publication Title: 'ACT! Alone High Comedy Monologues & Verse for Performers and Speakers' - Author's Name: Lynda K Robinson.
Her popular Verse-Fables and Fairytales-In-Verse are on the 'Recommended Reading List' for English Poetry Students in Albania.
She is also a published Art Tutorial Course Author - Publication Title:  'Master The Art'  (Pbld. 1998: The Art Institute) - and teaches Cartooning and Caricaturing Workshops - as well as Cartooning and Caricaturing Live At Events.
As a Ventriloquist, she performs throughout the UK as a Live 'Street Ventriloquist'  -  performing both 'walkabout' and 'scripted' Ventriloquism live at various Festivals, Fairs and Special Events.
She is a professional Children's Poet and Children's Verse-Fabulist - a professional Fairy-Tales-In-Rhymes Story-Teller and FolkTale StoryTeller - and - a Punch & Judy Show Professor.
An LLAM (Speech & Acting) of LAMDA  - and the Winner of 4 LAMDA HONOURS Medals in Public Speaking and Dramatic Speech.
She is a: Full EQUITY Member (Children's Entertainers) - Fully DBS-Checked with PLI of £10 million - a Member of The Poetry Society - a Member of The International Storytelling Network and The RIC. 
She began teaching in the early 1980s and teaches students of all ages and abilities.

- Award-Winning & Professional Children's Poet - Songwriter - Ventriloquist 

Merlynda's websites:

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Professional Ventriloquist Full Foundation Course Information:
Details:  Professional Ventriloquist Sessions (Full Foundation Course)  - One-To-One Sessions with LK 'Barley The Ventriloquist' Robinson (LLAM) - Founder of The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain - A professional Ventriloquist, a professional Speech and Singing Teacher and a professional Award-Winning Poet, Speech-Writer and Author.
Location: Merlynda's base near Bideford in North Devon (just off the A39 Atlantic Highway).  

Travel:  Nearest Railway Station is in Barnstaple, North Devon.
Duration:  1 x Full Day @ 6 Hours Training - Plus - 1 hour Break
Total for Full Foundation Course: £275.00 - Including Free Taxi Service From and To: Barnstaple Railway Station
A Decorative Signed 'Professional Ventriloquist Achievement Certificate' and a 'Professional Review by the Founder of The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain' - a report reviewing your Performance Skills as a Professional Ventriloquist for assistance in your publicity as a Ventriloquist  -  Will Be Presented To You On Completion of the Full Day Course.  In Addition, you will be offered a Free One Year Membership To The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain.
Additional SessionsCharacter Creation/Duologue-Writing/Scripwriting and Voice-Training @ 3 Hours Each
Fee Per Additional Session:  £50.00 Per Session (All or a Selection of the Above, as desired)
Session Days/Times:  Weekdays and Weekends - Please Ask For Details.

Terms:  Please Note that Payment may Only be made via Paypal (you do not need to have an existing Paypal account to make payment - Please visit Paypal's website for further details) - and Must be received in good order At Least 14 Days prior to proposed Booking date.  Once payment has been received in good order, your Booking date will be confirmed by email.  Proposed date/s cannot be held (or 'pencilled-in') for obvious reasons as it is unfair to other students to with-hold any dates that are not actually booked and confirmed.  Refunds will be made if you are unable to actually undertake your pre-booked and paid Training Session due to illness or professional work commitments, or similar. 
If you would like to book in Professional Ventriloquist Foundation Course Sessions with me - please do contact me soonest and I'll book in the Diary.   

Please Note:  If travelling some distance you may need to arrange overnight accommodation to suit your personal requirements.  Devon is a tourist haven - as you may know - and the variety and range of accommodation available is superb!  (Please don't ask for my personal 'recommendations' - as what suits one student may not suit another.)  

I offer a Free Taxi Service from and to Barnstaple Railway Station - so you may choose to find accommodation nearby - or - travel by train to Barnstaple from another area in the West Country generally.  

There is a bus/coach service from Victoria London - to - Bideford - and - a train service from Paddington London.  The A39 is the 'Atlantic Highway' road and is a great commuter road running through Devon and Cornwall with easy connections to the Motorway. 
You do not need to purchase a Ventriloquist Doll or Puppet prior to Training - I have a Collection of Ventriloquist Dolls and Puppets which Students may like to experiment with during their Professional Ventriloquist Sessions here - prior to deciding on what type of 'puppet-character' and which 'character-voice' they would like to perform with professionally - or just for fun!  

If you would like to chat about Booking your Training Course - Or would like to ask any questions prior to Booking - please email me with your telephone number.
I look forward to hearing from you - Please contact via the 'Contact Us' Page - or -
All Best Wishes
LK 'Barley' Robinson (LLAM) - aka: 'Merlynda Jelly-Jaws!'
Founder & Trainer of
The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain

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