Founder of The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain and Resident Ventriloquist Trainer

Merlynda The Award-Winning Poet, Verse-Fabulist, Fairytales-In-Verse Poet and Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter:

aka - Merlynda Jelly-Jaws - Poet - Songwriter - BookJacket Illustrator - Puppeteer

aka - Barley The Ventriloquist

Thank you for visiting The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain's website and here follows below a little of my professional background as the Club's Founder - which I hope will be both helpful and of interest:

I perform professionally as a Poet, Singer-Songwriter and Monologue-ist, Public Speaker - and an Epic Poet and Verse-Fabulist - and throw my Ventriloquism and Puppetry and Cartooning skills into the mix as a Walkabout Ventriloquist and Poetry and Song performer.
My Pen-Name:  'Merlynda Jelly-Jaws!'  - Please read my 'Testimonials' and view my videos on my new website by visiting: 

I studied Speech and Acting with LAMDA (the Speech-oriented organisation similar to RADA) - and I fully qualified as a Speech and Acting Teacher in 1984 - winning the LLAM (Dip. Speech) and ALAM (Diplomas in Speech and Acting) of LAMDA (The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art) - and winning 4 Honours Medals in Speech.   Since the early 1980s I've become quite a well-known Public Speaking, Ventriloquism and Singing Teacher in the south of England.
For Further Details of my Ventriloquism, Speaking and Singing Training Courses and Workshops - Please visit my website: 
As well as teaching Public Speaking, Speech and Acting since the mid 1980s - completing The Actors Institute rigorous 'The Mastery' in 1988 - I've also run One-to-One Training - and Workshops - for Ventriloquists (Beginners to Advanced)  - in Guildford, Surrey - and here - in my little studio on the West Sussex/Hampshire border.  Though many of my students come from all over the UK and Europe - most of my students travel from and are based in London.
I've performed as a Ventriloquist and Performance Poet live on various radio stations including BBC Radio - as their 'Poetry Expert' - and am a much-published Fairytale and Verse-Fable Poet - (and Speech-writer) - winning a couple of Awards: The Golden Grove Poetry Award - and - The Leaf Bookjacket Award -  and a few Song Awards: The WM Composers Award for Song - and - The UKSC Semi-Finalist Award for Operatic Song - and a few 'Highly-Commended Awards' for my Poetry and Songs, and Monologues/Speeches such as - 'The Portico Poetry Prize Award' - and - 'The Serendipity Poetry Award' - and - 'The National Poetry Slam-Poetry Rivals' among a few others - nationally and internationally.  
I've performed my original musical material live at: The Lanesborough Hotel, London - for Members of The House of Lords at a private party in Belgravia, London,  on a spectacular and rare Broadwood Grand Piano at The Elvetham Country House Estate in Hampshire - and at various other prestigious venues and events in the south over the years.  

Also at The Havant Literary Festival as the 'Poet Support Act' to Mike Harding - as well as conducting one of my hilarious Ventriloquism Workshops.  

During 2016, I'm performing my New Romantic and Funny Poetry - and Songs - and Cartooning Live - as part of The Festival of Chichester 2016.
An Award-Winning Romantic and Humorous Poet, Singer-Songwriter - and 'Busking/Walkabout' Ventriloquist - aka: 'Merlynda Jelly-Jaws'/ 'Barley The Poet' / 'Barley The Ventriloquist'  - I am used to performing with 8 different Ventriloquist Character-Dolls/Puppets and Voices.

And as a former professional 'Punch & Judy Professor' - aka 'Professor Melodrama' - I now train Beginners in learning and creating their own 'P&J Shows'.

One of my combined Ventriloquism/Poetry Audio Book CDs is currently available via Amazon - Details as follows:
CD Audio Book Title: 'Barley The Poet and 'Duncan L DoLittle Read 'The Tale Of The Goat & The Wolf' A Bedtime Fairytale Poem by Barley The Poet'
- To Order Quote: ISBN: 0-9542887-2-6 - and/or - ISBN: 978-0-9542887-2-3.
My Collection of Comedy Monologues for Actors and Speakers is also available via Amazon -
Published Book Title: 'ACT! Alone - A Collection of Scene-Stealing High-Comedy Monologues For Performers & Speakers'
 - To Order Quote: ISBN: 0-9542887-0-X - and/or - ISBN: 978-0-9542887-0-9.
I am also the Editor of an independent Poetry Magazine - 'The Poetry Box Magazine' - and a regular Poetry Judge and Poetry Festival Performer.
I founded and launched 'The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain' a few years ago now with the aim of bringing together Ventriloquists of all ages and stages into regional groups for discussion - and for regular Dinners and Meetings - to share our mutual passion for Ventriloquism - as well as supporting Ventriloquists of all types - based and performing within Great Britain.  As an Equity Member I was also a Member of 'Equity Variety Members' Group - and it struck me that British Ventriloquists needed a specialised central branch of their own - with a separate identity to the ventriloquism scene in the USA which is currently the dominant force in the English-Speaking Ventriloquism scene - yet maintaining friendly and expanding links with Ventriloquism Organisations worldwide.  I noticed that many British Ventriloquists - especially newcomers - were performing ventriloquism with 'American' accents - possibly because they were learning from Ventriloquism videos by American Ventriloquists - and partly because of the absence of British Ventriloquists appearing regularly on British TV (and Radio!) - as suitable and inspirational role models.  And it occurred to me that British Ventriloquism - with its wonderful world of diverse and unique talents - and its quintessentially eccentric, often self-deprecatingly modest, yet fun-loving 'British-ness' - may be in danger of being overshadowed, overwhelmed - and perhaps - even sadly forgotten or misplaced, in the process.  I am by no means whatever a 'librarian' or an 'archivist' - nor a 'retired enthusiast'!   What I am is a full-time working professional Entertainer and Performer - and I have been so since childhood.  I also assist others to perform and entertain - and in expressing and expanding their own talents - when asked to.  Though 'The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain' is a small - both 'professional' and 'semi-professional' - and 'amateur' and 'associate' - base and network for British Ventriloquists at present - I am certain that it will expand in time.  We all share performance opportunities and news with each other - via email or 'phone for the most part - in a spirit of mutual support and mutual respect.  Not all Members' details appear on The VC of GB website of course - some members are 'semi-professional' rather than full-time and have to work their performances and appearances around non-entertainment-based careers - some members are 'amateur' enthusiasts - and some are classified as 'Associate Members' - as they supply and provide Ventriloquists with all the materials they could possible need.  We all have Ventriloquism in our lives - and coursing around our veins.  And I like to think that too 'Once A Ventriloquist - Always A Ventriloquist!'
I hope my 'Brief Background' above is helpful and of interest.  Of course there's more to add but I hope the above gives the basic information about myself, my experience, my career as both a full-time professional Performance Poet, Singer-Songwriter, Ventriloquist, Puppeteer, Entertainer and Trainer - and - my inspiration for founding and launching and future aims for 'The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain'.

I look forward to hearing from you - and - please let me know if you would like any further information.
With All Best Wishes
Ventriloquially Yours!
'LK 'Barley' Robinson - aka - 'Merlynda Jelly-Jaws!'
LK Robinson (LLAM)
Founder & Resident Trainer: The Ventriloquist Club of Great Britain

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